Model Binx Walton has ‘A Train To Catch’, styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois in images by Angelo Pennetta for British Vogue April 2020. Hair by Jawara; makeup by Lauren Parsons

Since launching in 2016, Le Monde Beryl’s classically-shaped footwear has become a canvas for exchange and experimentation. Such is the case with a 2018 collaboration with the Latin American accessories label Mola Sasa. Created with an ancient appliqué technique of sewing layers of fabric upon one another, the handmade collec- tion’s patterned Venetian mules—rich in color and craft—are nothing short of wearable art.

Founded by Yasmin Sabet, Mola Sasa works with indigenous Kuna female artisans in the Caiman Alto Reserve of Colombia; their sustainably-produced products draw upon the region’s traditions and techniques, which have been passed down over a number of generations. It’s a defining design practice that goes hand in hand with those of our own: “Like us, Le Monde Beryl’s focus is on pieces made by the hands of artisans that price tradition and technique above all; a luxury in our times,” elaborates Sabet. “That is why I am grateful for collaborations such as this one, made with zest, imagination and care.”