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Introducing The Siren Hotel Venetian Slippers

The Siren Hotel Slippers
The Siren Hotel Slippers

Idiosyncrasy and sophistication combine in Le Monde Beryl’s collaboration with Detroit’s majestic The Siren Hotel. A Slipper in sumptuous Blush Pink Velvet with a swinging blackened bronze tassel. 

The Siren Hotel Slippers

Born out of the friendship between Le Monde Beryl Co-Founder Lily Atherton Hanbury and Will Cooper of ASH NYC, the celebrated design and development studio behind The Siren Hotel, the shoe is an ode to the grandeur and romance of Detroit’s past.

Each room at The Siren is a portal to another world, just as each Le Monde Beryl slipper speaks of magical journeys from the past to the present day. Referencing the sensual colour palette of the hotel’s interior and the fringed lamps that dot its dramatic spaces. The Slipper beautifully captures both The Siren Hotel and Le Monde Beryl’s plush distillation of old and new.


“We design our spaces to be livable, but also fantastical. There has to be a feeling of transportation and escape the moment you walk through the door. The woman that slides on the LMB Siren slipper is signing up for an adventure through our storytelling lens. Our properties are envisioned as cultural capsules that embody the spirit of cities like Detroit but take you on a slightly different journey through that city. What I love about Le Monde Beryl is that the brand embodies a look that’s both classic and timeless, with a tinge of demure salaciousness. This was a match made in brand heaven to create this slipper – with its wearer embracing the power of a siren the very moment her foot slips into its velveteen form – its tassel clanging to and from as you walk to the sound of your own siren song. This slipper is best worn while slowly sipping martinis, hiding out from the chaos of today’s world in our immersive rose-colored world of Candy Bar.”

Will Cooper, ASH NYC (
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The Leopard – Luxury Calf Hair Slippers, Mules or Kitten Heels

Introducing Leopard Mules
Leopard Venetian Mules
Luxury Accessories

For Le Monde Beryl, form seamlessly follows function. Inspired by the rich cultural history of Venice and the Silk Road, each new style can take you from work to art fairs and openings, dinners and evening events and from one city to another. Featured in Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Bazaar and other international publications.

Leopard Calf Hair Mules

Leopard Calf Hair Mule

Le Monde Beryl Leopard Print Calf Hair Venetian Mules are defined by their black leather piping – a stylish twist to the traditional Venetian footwear. Available in an exotic leopard print or sleek black. Cushioned calf leather insole and small heel height makes them perfect for an evening stroll and dinner with friends.

Leopard Calf Hair Slippers

Le Monde Beryl Leopard Print Calf Hair Venetian Slippers inspired by the traditional Friulane slipper, with a slightly pointed toe and a signature Le Monde Beryl vamp. Our Venetian Slippers are crafted in Italy and lined with calf leather insole for a soft and comfortable feel. Opulent leopard print makes them perfect for any occasion.

Leopard Calf Hair Slippers
Calf Hair Kitten Heel Mule

Leopard Calf Hair Kitten Heels

Le Monde Beryl Leopard Print Calf Hair Kitten Heel Mules represent the sophisticated aesthetic of Le Monde Beryl.  They have a pointy toe and black suede side lining to frame the curved silhouette,  a  cushioned calf leather insole and a 4.5cm kitten heel.

Capri Sunglasses

Le Monde Beryl Sunglasses are crafted in Italy and evoke a retro mood with their acetate cat-eye shape. Our Sunglasses take their names from our favourite destinations on the spectacular Amalfi coastline.

Capri Black Sunglasses
Black Clutch Bag Chain

Black Velvet Clutch Bag

Le Monde Beryl Velvet clutch bag features a removable tassel and gunmetal chain. The bag opens via the front flap to reveal a slip pocket with our logo and luxurious satin lining. Remove the chain, while leaving the tassel on and pair it with our Kitten Heel Mules for a black tie evening. Or for more casual occasions, wear it cross body with a chunky sweater, jeans and a pair of Le Monde Beryl Slippers.

All of our Leopard Print Calf Hair Shoes are handmade in Italy by artisan makers. Conceived in the same spirit of utility as the classic Venetian gondolier’s slipper, that were made out of necessity from up-cycled scraps of velvet, felt and rubber. Each Le Monde Beryl collection provides a new take on a streamlined, universal form, using the finest Italian leather and luxury fabrics with minimal to no waste.

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Collaboration with Cabana Magazine using Fortuny fabrics

Fortuny Fabrics Collaboration
Fortuny Fabrics Collaboration

Le Monde Beryl and Martina Mondadori Sartogo, founder of peerless interiors magazine Cabana, present four pairs of slippers in original printed cotton from the famed Venetian textile-makers, Fortuny. Taking inspiration from celebrated twentieth-century Italian interior designer Renzo Mongiardino and his affinity for richly layered and delicately hand-painted textiles, the collaboration applies patterned Fortuny fabrics, each in a shade of lemon yellow, brick red or deep mulberry onto the classic Le Monde Beryl Venetian slipper and mule. 

Fortuny fabrics,
a history of Venetian style

Established in 1907 by the artist, designer and inventor Mariano Fortuny, and still based on the Venetian island of Giudecca, Fortuny is renowned for printed fabrics using time-honoured, closely kept techniques in colours and styles that evoke the romance of Venice’s past and the influence of the Silk Road. The Cabana x Le Monde Beryl collaboration with Fortuny is a marriage of parallel sensibilities that channels the magpie spirit of Renzo Mongiardino, layering past and present, clothing and interiors. 

Cabana x Le Monde Beryl

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Mola Sasa x Le Monde Beryl

Mola Sasa Le Monde Beryl Mules

Iconic textiles

As part of the Spring / Summer collection, Le Monde Beryl has collaborated with Latin American accessories brand Mola Sasa. The capsule collection, Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa, features two mules in the classic Le Monde Beryl style, finished with Mola Sasa’s iconic textiles, made from layers of fabric cut and hand sewn by the Kuna women of Colombia.

Mola Sasa was founded by Yasmin Sabet, who works with indigenous Kuna women in the Caiman Alto region of the country. The brand seeks to empower local artisans and design meaningful products that respect local traditions and craftsmanship. The unique handmade fabrics are made by layering pieces of cut fabric on top of each other into an ornate design to create an intricate piece of art.

Shop Mola Sasa x Le Monde Beryl

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The Mysterious Tale of Gentle Jack and Lord Bumblebee

Paris Fashion Week

Le Monde Beryl along with The Tuk Tuk Flower Studio and L.O.N.B. hosted a book signing for Stephanie La Cava and Sno Global for Small Press in our Paris Fashion Week showroom.

The Mysterious Tale of Gentle Jack and Lord Bumblebee, a modern reimagining of the classic socialist fable, first told by George Sand to her children. Sand published The Mysterious Tale as a children’s storybook, with illustrations by her eldest son, Maurice, in 1851, on the heels of the Industrial Revolution. Today the story, with new full-colour illustrations by Stephen Ostrowski, may resonate with people of all ages living in a ransacked world.

Ostrowski, a 28-year-old American artist who grew up in Southeast Asia, says he was “drawn to the story of a character who was told by everyone to forgo his intuitive path, as it parallels my own experience as a queer and third-culture child.” Jack is a pure-hearted boy, desperate for love in an impoverished home, who strikes out at his parents’ behest to steal from the hoarded treasure of one Lord Bumblebee (read: miserly titan of industry). As lonely as he is selfish, Lord Bumblebee takes the boy under his wing and tries to turn him, to corrupt him, so that Jack must struggle first to resist worldly temptations, then to escape punishment for his resistance. The hero’s journey takes us to a place like heaven… and back.

Sand, born as Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin de Francuiel, was the daughter of an aristocrat and a dressmaker. She changed her name as an act of defiance against gender norms of the time, one that enabled her to partake in the French Romantic movement as both a patron and a practitioner of the arts, as well as a supporter of worker’s rights and women’s freedoms. She would become one of the culture’s most prodigious figures.

Le Monde Beryl Book Signing at Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week 2018
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Introducing Leopard Mules

Luxury Venetian Mules

Introducing Le Monde Beryl leopard mules, inspired by Carlo Mollino’s Casa Mollino.

Leopard Mules

Shop Leopard Mules >

Italian Handcrafted Leopard Mules

Our Calf Hair, Leopard Print Mules are handcrafted in Italy. Each pair is made with a black leather piping and a memory foam cushioned calf leather insole.

The 15mm heel makes them comfortable for any occasion. Available in an exotic leopard print or slick black.

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