Le Monde Beryl founders Katya Shyfrin and Lily Atherton Hanbury share a long-standing expertise in gemmology and jewellery; both Katya and Lily, a former jewellery specialist and adviser, are trained gemologists, and the Le Monde Beryl name itself references a family of gemstones that includes Emerald, Aquamarine, and Morganite.

For Le Monde Beryl’s first jewellry collection, we turned to master craftsmen in India who handmade our pendant necklaces, cross earrings, and more using the finest precious and semi-precious stones. Inspired by antique Hindu and European designs and the 1980s neo-Baroque movement, uncut polki diamonds typical in Mughal jewellery sit alongside 18 carat gold, baroque pearls, blackened silver, and amethysts, garnets, and citrines— colours that also appear throughout Le Monde Beryl’s shoe and accessory collections.