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Introducing The Siren Hotel Venetian Slippers

The Siren Hotel Slippers
The Siren Hotel Slippers

Idiosyncrasy and sophistication combine in Le Monde Beryl’s collaboration with Detroit’s majestic The Siren Hotel. A Slipper in sumptuous Blush Pink Velvet with a swinging blackened bronze tassel. 

The Siren Hotel Slippers

Born out of the friendship between Le Monde Beryl Co-Founder Lily Atherton Hanbury and Will Cooper of ASH NYC, the celebrated design and development studio behind The Siren Hotel, the shoe is an ode to the grandeur and romance of Detroit’s past.

Each room at The Siren is a portal to another world, just as each Le Monde Beryl slipper speaks of magical journeys from the past to the present day. Referencing the sensual colour palette of the hotel’s interior and the fringed lamps that dot its dramatic spaces. The Slipper beautifully captures both The Siren Hotel and Le Monde Beryl’s plush distillation of old and new.


“We design our spaces to be livable, but also fantastical. There has to be a feeling of transportation and escape the moment you walk through the door. The woman that slides on the LMB Siren slipper is signing up for an adventure through our storytelling lens. Our properties are envisioned as cultural capsules that embody the spirit of cities like Detroit but take you on a slightly different journey through that city. What I love about Le Monde Beryl is that the brand embodies a look that’s both classic and timeless, with a tinge of demure salaciousness. This was a match made in brand heaven to create this slipper – with its wearer embracing the power of a siren the very moment her foot slips into its velveteen form – its tassel clanging to and from as you walk to the sound of your own siren song. This slipper is best worn while slowly sipping martinis, hiding out from the chaos of today’s world in our immersive rose-colored world of Candy Bar.”

Will Cooper, ASH NYC (