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Mola Sasa x Le Monde Beryl

Mola Sasa Le Monde Beryl Mules

Iconic textiles

As part of the Spring / Summer collection, Le Monde Beryl has collaborated with Latin American accessories brand Mola Sasa. The capsule collection, Le Monde Beryl x Mola Sasa, features two mules in the classic Le Monde Beryl style, finished with Mola Sasa’s iconic textiles, made from layers of fabric cut and hand sewn by the Kuna women of Colombia.

Mola Sasa was founded by Yasmin Sabet, who works with indigenous Kuna women in the Caiman Alto region of the country. The brand seeks to empower local artisans and design meaningful products that respect local traditions and craftsmanship. The unique handmade fabrics are made by layering pieces of cut fabric on top of each other into an ornate design to create an intricate piece of art.

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