Crafted by master artisans

Crafted by artisans

For Le Monde Beryl, form seamlessly follows function. Conceived in the same spirit of utility as the classic Venetian gondolier’s slipper, that were made out of necessity from up-cycled scraps of velvet, felt and rubber. Each Le Monde Beryl collection provides a new take on a streamlined, universal form, using the finest Italian leather and luxury fabrics with minimal to no waste.

The slipper can be endlessly adapted, all the while retaining its inherent practicality and durability, each subtle change bringing with it a host of different decorative connotations. In sumptuous velvets, the slippers speak of the Silk Route and Venice; in suede, of India; in jewelled fabric, of Kashmir.


Le Monde Beryl is committed to sustainability, of going beyond the transitory to create lasting, elegant and supremely comfortable shoes that can be worn throughout the day — from the school run to work, from art fairs and openings, to dinners and evening events and from one city to another. Made with passion and curiosity, they are created for contemporary, multitasking women who travel through life with joy and a boundlessly inquiring mind.

Le Monde Beryl