Le Monde Beryl holds sustainability and transparency at the core of our business practice. We take our inspiration from the practicality and ingenuity of the original Venetian slipper, which was created from up-cycled scraps of velvet or felt and the rubber from old tires. The end result was a playful, elegant and functional slipper born out of style and necessity. We have based our concept around this notion of form follows function, with the ultimate goal of creating lasting, seasonless and useful products.

We work with trusted suppliers and craftspeople, using the finest quality materials and skilled labour to achieve handmade luxury and durability. Our brand story traces a common thread of craft, tradition, ingenuity and beauty from around the world, working with historical and contemporary textile designers like the famed Fortuny, the Kuna women behind Mola Sasa and skilled Italian craftspeople. We take inspiration from historical crafts and aim to preserve these skills, in conversation with contemporary design, to take them into the future.

We are continuing to explore this unifying theme, both ancient and modern, of adornment where form follows function, as we meet designers, weavers and makers from around the globe.