In Le Monde B.’s Portrait Series, multi-disciplinary creatives and members of our community come together to interpret the rich world of Le Monde Béryl. Imbued with emotion, the images document an intimate moment in time, as seen through their eyes.

For Le Monde B.’s inaugural Portrait Series, Vanina Sorrenti, known for her soft, subtle imagery, photographed friend Tatjana Patzschke, a Berlin-based architect and mother. As Sorrenti once said of portraiture, “It’s like a meditation between two people. Every sitting is different because your relationship with each person is unique. It’s improvised. It’s exciting and challenging. You’re a nurturer.”

On the first day of the new year, Sorrenti and Patzschke took to the hills of Deià with a melange of our Mary Janes, and little else.