Environmental consciousness at Le Monde Béryl is central to the brand’s practise, designing pieces built to last, to transcend time and trend. Every shoe is made by skilled craftspeople using the finest Italian fabrics with little to no waste. 

Le Monde Béryl works with reputable suppliers who have fair, humane and ethical practices in place. They know all of the artisans and factories they collaborate with so are able to ensure - within reason - that these spaces are diverse, healthy and offer safe working conditions. 

Le Monde Béryl adhere to and maintain wherever humanly possible to a no plastic in packaging and shopping policy. Their packaging is otherwise reusable, recyclable and 100% natural. It is therefore biodegradable. Though the idea is also that by using the dust bags and boxes that the shoes are delivered in, this will also ensure longevity of the shoes. 

“We have certain styles that are created from deadstock. We don’t produce more than we can sell. We try to be as resourceful as we can with the materials we have,” says co-founder Lily Hanbury. “The fact that all the product is hand finished by artisans who we work closely with - often families who are passing their skills and craftsmanship down the generations - is extremely important to us.” 

“We don’t really follow trends so every collection we create something that is a carry-over style. The shoes are not meant to go out of fashion. The shoes are made to last from season to season. We’re investing in our own future by not doing things for the sake of it, for whimsical fashion moments,” says co-founder Katya Shyfrin. “There is a circularity in our styles, they live on, so once we have done the development work, we can then just update them in different materials and colours.” 

Previous collaborations with the likes of Cloth Collective - a three year endeavour to reimagine the  brand’s signature slippers in natural dyes - illustrate Le Monde Béryl’s commitment to protecting the environment where possible. 

In addition, the brand is committed to wherever possible a minimal carbon imprint; by using local artisanal eco systems, from development to materials to packaging, everything is 100% made in Italy, by the hand that makes the leather, to the hand that sews. It means the brand operates a system from design through production which rarely uses airplanes. All components of the shoes and packaging are created in Italy. 

All lasts, leathers and hardware are developed and manufactured locally. Le Monde Béryl also works exclusively with local talent who assist with development on site in each production facility. Samples are developed with stock room materials with local artisans and development teams and then go into production with the same facility that developed the samples. Le Monde Béryl’ leathers and textiles are all made in Italy and traceable.